Thursday, November 1, 2012

review: eco-friendly washable menstrual pads by Lunapads

hi ladies
{and this post is geared to the ladies only!}
you all know that i try my hardest here to go green
we aim for zero waste groccery shopping, use cloth napkins, don't buy paper towels and prefer thirsties diaper covers instead of disposables.
i wanted to see what other little changes i could make.
i did some research on reusable feminine products and came across Lunapads.
they were great and sent me a starter pack to review right away!

only i found out i was pregnant, three weeks later.
yay for babies... no yeah for reviews.
so i have been waiting for 'aunt flo to come to town' so i could finally test drive these babies and let ya know what i think! Well people... aunt flo is here and so is my review!
Lunapads is so similar to disposable diapers that it was an easy transition!
just like other products Lunapads come in a variety of thicknesses and coverage for the different stages in your period- they offer liners, regular and heavy.
the pads are easy to attach to your panties. they don't have the sticky strip since they are washable. they feature a metal snap that you secure to the underside of your panties.
they are very comfortable and soft. i prefer pads that have a cotton top since they feel more natural compared to some brands that are more synthetic which causes weird chaffing after days of continual use. 
Lunapads were comfortable, easy to use and gentle on the 'bits'
having tested them out for the duration of my period, Lunapads are a bit less absorbent than commercials pads so you might have to be more conscious of leaks
but just like cloth diapers, you just have to change them more often which isn't a big deal to me. 
the starter kits they offer are a great to test them out but i would reccommend buying two of them so don't feel compelled to do laundry everyday
the price may seem steep but if you do the math, a starter kit pays for itself in 10 months and i could see these bad boys lasting a lot longer than that!
it is a great company that offers a wide variety of products
they even have these cute thong liners!
Lunapads also realizes the needs for post partum women and offers a kit just for that!
How genius is that? Great for those mothers-to-be who try to do their part!

this company has thought of all the details too!  just like using cloth diapers, you need a leak proof bag to carry around your liners if you are on the go or traveling. 
well don't worry.. they got you covered!
 these tiny pouches are just the right size to toss in your purse and then into the laundry machine.
Lunapads is a great company that i love to support. their products are high quality and their cause is one dear to me.
 if you want to try them out before taking the plunge, Lunapads is so awesome they will send you a free panty liner!
check that offer out here.
if you already think Lunapads are sweet and want to make the investment you can find their products in my amazon aStore!

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