Wednesday, November 7, 2012

review: ERGObaby carrier in organic cotton

i had previously shown you guys how to sew your own baby sling and though i love it for quick jaunts between the car and a store, i wanted a carrier that we could use for long day excursions.
my sister in law introduced me to the ERGObaby carrier and the first thing i thought when she was telling me about it was, "there is no way in hell i would pay that much for a baby carrier!"
instead we bought an infantino baby carrier from target. it looked like it had the same features as an ergo and baby bjorn but we were so wrong. i may be smiling, but that carrier was crap!
after 3 months of using it...our backs and shoulders hurt and the damn thing was ripping already! we tossed it and decided to make the 'investment' by purchasing an ergo carrier... and i am SO glad we did!
the construction of the carrier is on point
the stitching seems well placed and is top stitched to double securethe straps
the plastic buckles are thick and sturdy and there is an elastic safety band you feed the strap through in case the buckle comes undone- in my experience, i have never been concerned or have had a buckle become lose or undone
 the back buckle is adjustable as well. it slides up and down so getting the carrier on yourself when you are alone is easier too!
the straps are thickly padded on your shoulders and the waist strap is especially sturdy- its quite stiff which really makes the weight of your child rest on your hips
your shoulders or back don't slump to try to compensate for the poor support
organic cotton carrier review Ergobaby cotton infant back front hip carry organic gear baby green
i really like the versatility in the weight it accommodates
esme' is tiny so hauling around 10 pounds isn't that big of a deal, but aspen is a whopping 25! he still fits in this carrier since it carries up to 45 pounds and i still find it quite comfortable.
but being able to have one product that works for two kids is another plus for us!
{realistically kyler is 42 pounds so i could be using it for him and he is 6 years old } 
the ergo also has some great storage options
it has a large pocket on the front
that i use for extra burp rags and pacifiers 
 but the front straps let your attach a backpack to it
its designed by ergo especially for the carrier and i could see this coming in handy as the kids get older
for now though, i shove everything in the carrier and my pant pockets
 the carrier also comes with a sleeping hood. it sounds kinda dumb- a sleeping hood- why would you need one? 
 well if you have pale pasty white kids like i do then keeping their scalps burn free is a must. the hood is great for this because what infant keeps a hat on their head?
the hood rolls up into a pocket right on the front of the carrier
but most of the time i just pull it over the baby's rump and let it hang out
the hood has elastic stitched into the sides as well so it really provides good coverage and attaches to the shoulder straps on the carrier and is adjustable using a strip lined with buttons 
 to use the carrier with an infant, you have to use the infant insert
its basically a petal shaped pillow that you wrap the baby into
so you make a baby burritto and then you put the baby inside the carrier
some people complain about what a hassle using the insert is, but in my opinion
if one extra step is going to keep my kid's brain from playing bumper cars- it's worth the extra 30 seconds to me
esme' seems to like the carrier- every time i put her in it she falls asleep
she seems very comfortable and cozy and barely fusses when i put her in it
CUTE little baby hand!
like many carriers you can use this carrier for three different positions- front facing, inward facing and as a backpack
the ergo carrier also lets you carry the baby on the hip
it's a little bit more complicated to position but maybe it's because i am not as familiar with it
now that aspen is old enough to be a handful, having the baby secure is one of my main priorities. i need to be able to move quickly to chase aspen while not worrying about esme'
the ergo carrier has so many great features and though some people may not find it worth the money { like i once did } it fits our busy lifestyle and to me that's priceless!
here are some other reviews if you are interested: 

{ purchasing tips: i bought my carrier on ebay. i searched sellers closest to me and found one locally! i was able to save over $55 dollars off typical store price by offering to pick it up instead of having it shipped. you can also search craigslist. these carriers have a high resale value so lots of mothers are trying to sell theirs. i am keeping the original boxes to do just that! }

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