Tuesday, November 6, 2012

review: theresa mink sideways cross necklace

so i don't know if you have noticed in my last two stay at home style posts... the dainty little cross necklace i have layered with my statement pieces...
well that sideways cross necklace is by theresa mink
she has a great shop called classic designs on etsy and makes beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery

i have been looking for the 'perfect' cross to wear since losing my last one and theresa mink's design is perfect
the sideways cross is a bit unexpected and the CZ accent is a great way to offcenter the piece
since i always wear it and never take it off, i wanted something just right
and i found it here
 this piece also comes in a 14K gold with a real diamond but i opted for the cheaper version
but i have a feeling once i need a new one, i will be splurging for the real deal
 another great thing about working with etsy vendors is they are most likely willing to customize a piece within reason
theresa lengthened the necklace for me so it was 18 inches long for no charge!
i am so thrilled about the necklace that i am going to order one for esme'
 because i'm corny and think matching mother-daughter things are cute
{ again within reason }
go check out her store and tell me what you think...
because i am thinking i LOVE this one!

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