Tuesday, November 6, 2012

sewing: baby turban

while i was making the celtic knot headband for esme' i was playing around with some of the extra fabric from the t-shirt and tied a piece around her head like so:
well she was so astoundingly cute that a light bulb went off... ding!
i needed to make a pattern for a baby turban!
so here's how ya do it:
 fold a piece of stock board in half length wise- or hot dog- as little kids call it
cut it out and open it on up!
 this is going to be used just on the ends of your strips of fabric so you can adjust the length as your baby's head gets bigger without having to recut patterns again and again
take your one piece of fabric and fold it in half hot dog again with the right sides touching
i am going to use two different fabrics that are complementary so it will be reversible
 decide how long your turban needs to be
my kids have big heads thanks to their wonderfully brainy father
you want the tail end of the pattern to be the excess
 trace your pattern and cut it out
 repeat the same steps with your second fabric making sure both pieces are about the same length
 since i didn't iron my fabric first, i laid out my two pieces on top of each other and trimmed them up so the edges would match up exactly
 sew the two pieces of fabric together with the right sides touching each other
this will make a hollow tube of sorts
 make sure to leave an opening in the tail end
 so you can turn it right side in by pulling all the fabric through the hole
 once the correct fabric is now on the outside line up the seams
 and iron the turban flat
 top stitch the turban for a more polished look
 and your turban should look like this.
 tie it on your baby's head and your done!
esme' was wiggling a lot while i was trying to take photos of her
and she ended up looking like tu pac.
she's so hood with her baby turban!

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