Thursday, November 8, 2012

stay at home style: feelin' so seattle

i'm not just saying that because i am standing in front of the space needle.
it was a drizzly day, i wore my boots and leggings which seattlites adore and even had my hipster jean vest on. 
i felt so cool! i felt like a native... or dressed like one at least!
ls shirt: the Loft, jean vest: Levi's, leggings: target, scarf: express, boots: steve madden
i wanted to throw together some basics and have a thought out outfit that didn't make it seem like i tried too hard... even though i may have spent more than enough time pondering what to wear this morning.
i stockpiled some long sleeve tops from the Loft and i'm not usually a fan of long sleeves since i have abnormally long arms and it just seems to accentuate them- craig and kyler call me 'miss long arms'
i push them up to my elbows like most long sleeve tops i wear

{ there we go. there's my mug. }
i added a scarf to the outfit to hide the inevitable camel toe- it sneeks up on you while wearing leggings! the scarf distracts and hides!
the vest was a purchase that i was unsure about. i found the vest in the store and walked away but as the day went by i kept on thinking, 'you should have bought it!' so i went back to the Levi store the next day and scooped it up. traditionally, the vest is out of my comfort zone and but i need to branch out and find ways to make it work and i think i did it justice.
overall, my outfit was comfortable yet put together and i didn't even care that my butt was soaking wet trying to take this not-so-great picture of me and aspen!

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