Monday, November 5, 2012

stay at home style: my wet seal tribute

this is a throwback to the past...
while i was a manager at wet seal, i made some great friends. all different and they all brought something special to my life. 
heck... my brother even married one of those girls and gave me my wonderful nephew.
so these girls... each different and unique with great style but the one thing thing that kept us all the same were our rolled jeans.
i don't know if it was just a fad at the time... but my outfit always required rolled jeans and ridiculously high wedges.
we climbed ladders, did floor sets till three in the morning and had some of the best people watching experiences EVER.
so today's outfit is my tribute to those girls because every time i roll my jeans... i think of them!
denim button up: old navy, jeans: express, belt: target, necklace: express
watch and purse: MK, pumps: naturalizer, jade bracelet: gift
this outfit is pretty basic- jeans are my go to pants so it's just natural that a denim shirt is a must as well.
i have three of them and they are all well loved.
i chose a slim fit jean because those are best for 'the roll' and at this point in the game... if i'm going to wear heels, i'm going to show them off.
i traded in my high wedges for some classic yet comfortable pumps in a patent leather and i have my 'it' bag of the moment
the aspects that i love about this outfit the most are the accessories.
 my green jade bracelet, michael kors watch, and a green mohair belt
and this killer necklace. 
i don't wear it often but i think i just found the winning combination.
it looks way to stuffy when trying to pair it with something dressy but this lax' look makes it the center piece!
it's gawdy and delightful and brings everything together from top to bottom.

so as i have a flashback from the past...
what trends do you refuse to let go of?

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