Thursday, November 22, 2012

thanksgiving recap

hey peeps,
since i have terrible timing, i didn't post anything for turkey day so here is my belated attempt
this is the first time i have hosted thanksgiving and since it was just going to be us and the in laws i wanted to keep it pretty simple
but i also wanted to go out on a limb and try some new recipes
vegetable stock vegetarian soup easy recipe mint fresh light mint frozen
to start we had some pea and mint soup
easiest soup ever. frozen peas, veg stock and mint. heat on stove top and puree. bam. done! and delicious!
 then we have the main event... good ole mister turkey. i decided to go rogue and make a teriyaki turkey and i am so glad i did! it was so moist and had some really great flavors. i made the sauce from sake, mirin, soy, brown sugar and rice vinegar. i basted this baby every 30 minutes and he came out moist and delish. i used the pan juices to make a gravy and since there were roasted shallots in the bottom of the pan it had great flavor!
 next we have everyone's most hated vegetable... brussel sprouts. good thing i added some smoked bacon and some crisped almond slices... because who doesn't like bacon?
 we have a home made stuffing with celery, shallots, onion and portobello mushrooms.
craig is a stove top kinda guy and he said this was just as good.
not sure if that was a compliment but he ate it all off his plate, so i'm assuming its a good thing!
 then we have a root vegetable medely
this includes turnips, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, red potatoes and beets
all married together with some home grown thyme, olive oil and plenty of salt and pepper
 and my shining star... fresh cranberry sauce
i added some fresh orange juice and zest with some pepper mint to the sauce to give it another kick!
wonderful... to die for... could eat it by the bucket kinda good!
so there we go... what did you eat for thanksgiving?
gobble gobble!

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