Saturday, December 8, 2012

crafting: easy sew tutu

easy sew tutu
i wanted to make a tutu for esme' but i wanted it to be quick, easy and cute, of course!
easy sew tutu
you will need a picture frame, a roll of tulle, a piece of matching elastic, scissors and whatever it is you are going to do to sew the elastic- either by hand or machine
easy sew tutu
cut your elastic to size of your child's waist
if you cut it smaller it will just fit them now where as if you cut it to their size now it will provide future years of wear
sew your elastic together- i used a machine but you could easily have done this by hand
you also could knot it or even hot glue it to make this a no sew project!
for an infant sized tutu you will need one roll of tulle
this can be found in the wedding aisle in most craft stores
i found mine at joannes
tape you tulle to the edge of the picture frame
i just used the label that was with the roll
easy sew tutu
wrap your tulle around your picture frame
i did this with half of the roll
easy sew tutu
the cut the tulle at one edge of the frame
easy sew tutu
this gives you tons of pieces of tulle that are the same size without having to cut them individually
i did this twice since i only wrapped half the roll
next put your elastic waistband around the frame
this is going to make it easier to work with and to position the pieces
easy sew tutu
now take a piece of tulle and fold it in half
easy sew tutu
place it under the elastic so a small loop is above the band
easy sew tutu
pull the loose edges through the loop
and pull tightly to make sure it is secure
easy sew tutu
repeat this step again and again
easy sew tutu
this is where the picture frame comes in handy because it provides a stable work
easy sew tutu
use the entire roll of tulle or stop adding strips when the whole elastic is full
easy sew tutu tutorial
try it on and admire the cuteness
easy sew tutu
{ yea, i am still admiring... }
i love the elastic waist band because the tutu even fits aspen who is a year old than esme'
so we will get plenty of use out of this!
{ doesn't he look thrilled? }
easy sew tutu
{ this will be a lovely picture to use when aspen starts dating }

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