Saturday, December 1, 2012

decorating: aspen's room

just when i think the rooms are getting in order at home, something changes and so do the rooms
the boys were sharing a room but with kyler in school and getting more mature, it is just becoming more apparent that they would be best off in separate rooms
this way aspen can play in the morning time in his crib while kyler can catch up on some rest before school
{ aspen is an early riser to our dismay }
modern mobile paper shapes neon purple brown polyedra delicate geometric fice faceted ornaments  apartment therapy inspired
 so now that aspen is staying in the same room, i decided to add a mobile
it was the first thing he noticed in the morning time when he woke up
{ i put it together and hung it while he was sleeping }
 i placed it in the corner near his chi-chi picture and above his rocking chair
what's great about the location of the mobile is that its near the heating vent so it spins ALL the TIME!
love that!
aspen is taking pictures of the mobile too!
 i added a tot sized rocker to his reading library corner
it was going to be a christmas present... but i couldn't hold out.

then to add to the bold colors and pattern theme, i added a thick and lush graphic rug
hence esme' all snuggled up playing too!
i got it at rugsusa which is where i get all our rugs
they had a halloween special going on so i got it 60% off!

i'll add more pics when i have more time... and the tripod handy.
i have a couple more projects in mind for his room but it should be almost 'ready'
we will see how long that lasts!

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