Friday, December 7, 2012

quick fix: changing batteries with ease

this is our swing
{ not THAT kind of swing but the kind for the babies }
anyways, we use this thing daily and every other week we are changing the batteries
but neither craig or i can remember what size or how many we need 
quickly changing batteries
 so changing the batteries is like a 2 day process
open the thing up, see what kind, see if we have them, no we don't, go buy them, open it up again and then FINALLY replace
you see how tedious this is? 
so to streamline this ridiculous process
i took note of what type and how many batteries this thing uses
quickly changing batteries
 whipped out my label maker
quickly changing batteries
and noted what kind and type of batteries this thing takes and put it on a highly visible area
quickly changing batteries
now we have no excuse to prolong this process any longer than it needs to be
this could be used on so many other things-
remotes, toys, computer electronics
think of how much easier i just made your life!

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