Saturday, January 12, 2013

fashion: sweater #2

here is sweater #2. craig wore this on our first date and i still remember how goooood he looked in it!
i was going to meet craig for lunch that day so i decided to wear his sweater as a 'surprise' on our mid day date!
the argyle brings me back to my catholic school girl days so if i was going to go preppy, i was not going to hold back.
i paired craig's sweater with a white button up and my pink blazer.
as i have stated before, craig hates this blazer but he actually complimented me on how well his sweater goes with it! i took my compliment as a minor fashionista victory!
 i wore my tall girl jeans that make me feel like my legs are miles long and wore some camel loafers from modcloth. these were an accidental purchase- they sent me the wrong shoes and i decided to keep them because they were just too cute. they completed my uber preppy outfit!
so there we have it... another sweater, another day! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

cooking: little family ditali spinach soup

back in the day i was.... a cheerleader.
not a good one but i sure did havea loud mouth
during those years, i met a girl, lauren, and we quickly became friends
after reconnecting with her, i started following her on instagram where she shared this wonderful recipe
gather all your ingredients
first you are going to chop some fresh garlic
  sautee the garlic in a tablespoon of oil in a large stock pot
you should smell the garlic but it should not be browned
 add 6 cups of water
like so:
6 beef bullion cubes
 and one 28 ounce can of crushed tomatoes
bring this to a boil
  add a box of ditali noodles and cook until al dente
once noodles are done, add some fresh washed spinach
and a can of white canellini beans
 simmer just until the spinach is wilted
  and viola!
  what i love about this recipe is that it was passed down to lauren from her grandmother!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

quick tip: protecting your shoes while traveling

i recently bought new bed sheets and the packaging is beyond functional
the sheets are wrapped up in this great little bag
its thick, sturdy and even has a velcro closure
i couldn't just throw this away!
so while i was packing for our hawaiian vacation i put a pair of my shoes in the bag
  ta-daa! now my shoes are protected from any spills that may occur from my toiletries 
{ because we have all had that happen at one point or another }
and now my clothing wont get dirty from the bottoms of my shoes!
 what other uses can you think of?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

how to: style a console table or bookshelf

after a year of living in our home, i have finally mastered styling the top of our wine bar!
i have read numerous online articles and finally have found a balance.
there are different ways to approach this and you must be aware of what your style is-
you can do a minimalist  or symmetric approach but i wanted a more eclectic and earthy vibe
how to style a book shelf or console table
to start you want to gather items that have a similar theme
if you want to go random- go for it! but i wanted a more cohesive feel so i stuck with ivory candles, wood tones and some of the blue and green accent colors we have scattered throughout the room 
by mixing it up and using many different textures and colors you keep an onlooker interested
how to style a book shelf or console table
many articles advise using items in odd numbers but i try to avoid any decorating 'rules'and just try to find a balance in what is pleasing to the eye
 similar items work if you are looking for an arrangement that is symmetrical but i wanted a more sporadic look
which is why i added the succulent under the glass cloche and wooden trunk circle.
this stuck with my theme and added some color!
how to style a book shelf or console table

you want to place items in a non-predictable manner.
this will keep your eye interested and help the observer look across the whole shelf not focus just on one item.
by adding items to the background and the foreground adds dimension and depth to the area.
how to style a book shelf or console table
by adding the manzanita branch in the background it keep the eye from focusing on the fact that i used multiple candle sticks of the same shape in varied sizes.
how to style a book shelf or console table
the key thing to remember is that it is all trial and error
i would place items for a couple days and later realize it wasn't quite 'right' 
how to style a book shelf or console table
what advice do you have for styling a tabletop or bookshelf?

Monday, January 7, 2013

fashion: sweater #1

here is sweater #1
it's in good condition but just dated.
it has these weird hems on the sleeve that roll and it is just shapeless.
the one thing i hate about this particular sweater is that it is not very form fitting.
not to brag or anything but i think my husband has a hot bod... and that he should show it off.
you know the saying, 'you gotta shake what yer' momma gave you!'
fashion challenge transforming husband ugly sweaters into a wearable outfit
craig claims that he use to wear this all the time but in the 4 years i have known him never have i seen this sweater graze the mans shoulders or even in his hands when thoughtfully considering what to wear.
he moved it from cleveland to bellevue to renton... still never wearing it out of the house.
{ i make him try it on at home when trying to convince him to get rid of it }
he likes to blame me saying that he use to wear it a lot before 'the epic closet battle', but he gets all defensive over his sweaters... i don't take it personally.
fashion challenge transforming husband ugly sweaters into a wearable outfit
anyways, i took craig's sweater and layered it with a white and gray striped t-shirt and then added my levi's jean vest
fashion challenge transforming husband ugly sweaters into a wearable outfit
i pushed the sleeves up to distract from the weird rolled sleeve hem and it actually looked kinda great!
i love how it made the sleeves look like they were ruched and intentional
it gave a laid back vibe which was perfect
fashion challenge transforming husband ugly sweaters into a wearable outfit
i added my favorite neutral statement necklace for a feminine detailing
fashion challenge transforming husband ugly sweaters into a wearable outfit
my cuffed boyfriend jeans and some wedge booties finished the look.
sweater #1... i owned you!
ok... i don't own you but you may become a regular on my side of the closet.
this sweater has potential and my point was proven.
more sweaters to conquer so stay tuned!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

fashion: attack of the unworn sweaters

early on in our marriage, craig and i were consolidating our belongings to live with each other and
since closet space was limited in our one bedroom apartment, we had to go through craig's clothing.
this was the ultimate battle.
there were tears, hurt feelings, ultimatums and it was all over...
yes people. sweaters.
{ how stubborn and stupid are we... seriously? }
i fought to the death with my newly coined and minted husband about his sweaters from college.
craig wanted to keep them even though he hasn't worn them in over 6 years and i wanted him to get rid of them to replace them with things he would wear.
craig hates the word dated... but that's exactly what they were.
not in bad condition... just not very attractive.
so skip two years ahead... the sweaters still bear claim on precious closet real estate.
so in trying to come to terms with this, i am going to take every sweater of craig's that he has not worn and transform it into something wearable
because if he isn't going to wear them... than i might as well!
so stay tuned to the adventures!