Sunday, January 6, 2013

fashion: attack of the unworn sweaters

early on in our marriage, craig and i were consolidating our belongings to live with each other and
since closet space was limited in our one bedroom apartment, we had to go through craig's clothing.
this was the ultimate battle.
there were tears, hurt feelings, ultimatums and it was all over...
yes people. sweaters.
{ how stubborn and stupid are we... seriously? }
i fought to the death with my newly coined and minted husband about his sweaters from college.
craig wanted to keep them even though he hasn't worn them in over 6 years and i wanted him to get rid of them to replace them with things he would wear.
craig hates the word dated... but that's exactly what they were.
not in bad condition... just not very attractive.
so skip two years ahead... the sweaters still bear claim on precious closet real estate.
so in trying to come to terms with this, i am going to take every sweater of craig's that he has not worn and transform it into something wearable
because if he isn't going to wear them... than i might as well!
so stay tuned to the adventures!

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