Saturday, January 12, 2013

fashion: sweater #2

here is sweater #2. craig wore this on our first date and i still remember how goooood he looked in it!
i was going to meet craig for lunch that day so i decided to wear his sweater as a 'surprise' on our mid day date!
the argyle brings me back to my catholic school girl days so if i was going to go preppy, i was not going to hold back.
i paired craig's sweater with a white button up and my pink blazer.
as i have stated before, craig hates this blazer but he actually complimented me on how well his sweater goes with it! i took my compliment as a minor fashionista victory!
 i wore my tall girl jeans that make me feel like my legs are miles long and wore some camel loafers from modcloth. these were an accidental purchase- they sent me the wrong shoes and i decided to keep them because they were just too cute. they completed my uber preppy outfit!
so there we have it... another sweater, another day! 

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