Saturday, March 30, 2013

giveaway: black wagon, a modern boutique for babies and kids

i will always be an east coast girl but one great thing about the west coast is the home town pride.
people out here love local products, home grown produce and small boutiques.
a great boutique in the portland area is black wagon!
my sister in law went there to find some gifts for esme' and got her some pretty cool things.
 hand knit booties,
{ they were the softest things i have ever felt!}

a lucky wang kimono which has an gorg floral pattern on it,
and some gallery cards that i hung up in esme's crib!
once i saw how original the gifts were i had to check out the website and i was amazed at everything they had!
 i couldn't believe my eyes. i was in retail bliss!
so not only is black wagon great at curating awesome toys, clothing and accessories for your tots but they have super awesome customer service! 
my sister in law likes to ask a lot of questions and she found a store where she can do just that.
so in honor of black wagon, my new favorite children's online retailer, i am lucky enough to bring to you a great giveaway.
Black Wagon is giving up their signature él Oso Libre' t-shirt
{ available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 }
how AWESOME is that?

check out their website and comment below on this post what your favorite finds are.
be sure to leave a valid email address as well so i can get in touch if you are a winner!
{ giveaway ends April 5th 12:00 pm PST }

easy peasy, people!
good luck!

Friday, March 29, 2013

decorating: under-the-stairs playroom

i was at a friend's house consulting her on what to do with her extra bedroom and as she was showing me around her house she told me that her neighbors made a playroom under the stairs.
 at first, i thought that was kinda weird....
but a couple days passed and as i was organizing the kids toys in our closet under the stairs, it hit me. 
why not make our closet that is under the stairs into a playroom? 
we used the closet for most of the kid's things anyways, so why not make it official?
so we did.
 i decided to paint the inside of the playroom the same color as the foyer to keep some consistency between the spaces
i also used some of the same accent colors such as mustard yellow and black
i used chalkboard paint on the one wall so the kids could draw 
and so i could write some friendly reminders!
i added three long coat hooks into the room as well so the kids would have a place for all their jackets!
our small hall closet was BLOWING up and we could barely fit guest's coats in there
i hung up lines of string using yarn and some eye hooks to hang the kid's artwork up with clothes pins.
kyler always asks where his __ (fill in the blank)___ art project is and most of the time i ended up throwing it away. 
now the kids have some space for their projects to be on display before we rotate them out.
 this makes the space more personal and helps with my need for visually clean living space.
i used a tension rod to hang up a curtain panel on the inside of the door frame to bring in our accent color and help me feel less guilty about shoving the kids in a closet
{ apparently harry potter was in the same situation and even though things turned out alright for him, as a mother i can't live with that kind of guilt } 
 overall, the playroom is a great use of space! since we don't have a TV in the living room having the playroom allows the kids to watch a movie on a laptop while mom and dad are having adult time in the living room.
 i added plenty of shelves into the area since it was otherwise useless space because of the low and awkward ceiling height.
i also made sure to add some blankets and extra pillows in there as well for cuddling and playing on the floor.
Aspen and Esme' playing with ABC rocks
the playroom is also great storage space for all the toys that the kids don't play with on a daily basis. 
this lets them discover toys they forgot they had so it seems new and exciting- especially important for all those rainy winter days.
once the room was complete, i noticed that i was more excited than the kids... but hey, i'm still a kid at heart!

decorating: art for a bathroom

decorating a bathroom is always hard in my opinion.
when choosing things to put on the walls there need to be a fine balance between interesting to look at yet not too personal.
decorating, bathroom, styling
for example, you won't put family photos on the walls because it might make people feel like they are being watched which is always uncomfortable when you have your pants down.
or if you put a mirror above the hopper then are you implying that guys should be looking at their 'bits'while using the facilities?
maybe i am reading too much into this but i think i found the perfect piece.
  decorating, bathroom, styling
craig and i always talk about how lucky we are so i think this canvas fit the bill.
it's interesting to look at, a great reminder to be thankful and everyone who uses the bathroom can relate.
decorating, bathroom, styling
i also added a wooden tray with some bathroom essentials: extra TP and a candle.
decorating, bathroom, styling
what are your tips for bathroom art? what are some ways you style a bathroom?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

quick tip: what the fuzz?

most parents know the importance of momentum... and how getting out of the house can be a task in itself.
most of the time we are trying to get somewhere and notice we are covered in something
trying to get the kids out the door and then having to run upstairs for a quick pass of the roller kills our groove to get out of the house
organization, time effective, coat closet, lint roller, improvement, home
to save time, i added a lint roller to the back of our coat closet for quick and easy access
because who doesn't like easy access? wink wink.
organization, time effective, coat closet, lint roller, improvement, home
anyways, i just used a command strip hook i had lying around the house.
it took about 2 minutes of my life to do and saved me many a treacherous stairs to crawl up.
what are some coat closet must haves?
 i have one other to share which i am excited about! so stay tuned!