Friday, March 29, 2013

decorating: art for a bathroom

decorating a bathroom is always hard in my opinion.
when choosing things to put on the walls there need to be a fine balance between interesting to look at yet not too personal.
decorating, bathroom, styling
for example, you won't put family photos on the walls because it might make people feel like they are being watched which is always uncomfortable when you have your pants down.
or if you put a mirror above the hopper then are you implying that guys should be looking at their 'bits'while using the facilities?
maybe i am reading too much into this but i think i found the perfect piece.
  decorating, bathroom, styling
craig and i always talk about how lucky we are so i think this canvas fit the bill.
it's interesting to look at, a great reminder to be thankful and everyone who uses the bathroom can relate.
decorating, bathroom, styling
i also added a wooden tray with some bathroom essentials: extra TP and a candle.
decorating, bathroom, styling
what are your tips for bathroom art? what are some ways you style a bathroom?

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