Monday, April 1, 2013

fashion: outfit of the day

i was so excited when i found this t-shirt!
i usually steer away from graphic t's because i find most of them well.... kinda lame.
{ blazer and t.shirt- the rack, cropped pants- the loft, pumps- naturalizer, watch- michael kors }
  what attracted me to this T was that it was loose fitting
 (since i am still trying to hide excess baby fat)
the fabric was thin and soft and had a feminine yet tough design
 i paired my t with some crop pants because the butterfly pattern tied well into the lace of the skull on the T
isn't it great when new pieces just magically look good with things you already own?
i topped my outfit off with my colbalt blue blazer since my outfit needed a splash of color.
only after i got dressed did i notice that i look A LOT like PSY and not just because we both are korean.
the snazy blue coat, matching color combo and even the attraction for cool eyewear!
i guess there could be worse things. i could look like kim jong-il.

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