Monday, April 1, 2013

fashion: outfit of the day

easter was a beautiful day. craig was working so i took the kids around town to see some famous seattle sites.... including this handsome man... 
or shall i say the handsome troll of freemont.
as i was getting dressed, i wanted to wear a pretty frilly frock but as i was putting the pieces together, it just wasn't going to happen.
 running around with the kids, lugging around strollers and changing diapers wasn't ideal in lace and ruffles. 
 so i went with some calvin klein cargo pants from burlington coat factory and paired it with a butterscotch tank top and leopard wrap knit by mossimo from target
i finished my outfit with my tri-color neutral wedges from naturalizer.
this upped my outfit's edge and sophistication...
even though once we got to magnolia park, i barely wore my shoes anyways.
the spring grass felt so soft between my toes!
the kids were too busy playing... 
and the views were so picturesque that my outfit was the last thing on my mind!
how could i care about clothing 
when i'm surrounded by my brood of lovable mayhem!

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