Thursday, April 4, 2013

quick tip: up/down baskets

one of the things i hate is running up and down the stairs
in fact when we purchased this house, i knew this was going to be an issue especially with all the kids, the projects, sports gear and all the things in between
to prevent this nuance, i have up/down baskets
i have two of them-one upstairs and one downstairs ( hence the name)
 and i keep them close to the steps and up high so no little hands play the 'lets dump this on the floor'game.
throughout the day, i throw things in the baskets that need to go either upstairs or downstairs
things that need to be put back, put in the laundry or just random whatevers we find during the day
then once the kids are in bed, i take a basket and put everything away before the night is out 

this system keeps me from taking one thing at a time, putting it away, only to find something else that needs to be put back. 
not only is that annoying but its a waste of time especially on non-emergent things that need to go back in its proper place.
there we have it, up/down baskets!

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