Saturday, April 6, 2013

quick tip: what's going on today?

that is craig's never ending question.
i am the one in charge of scheduling and driving the kids to their many activities.
to try and keep it together we share a google calendar, per craig's request, but between his forgetfulness and my inability to pick up my cell phone, we are always doing something but not quite remembering what.
chalkboard paint inside closet door
 to  keep each other in the loop, i used chalkboard paint on the inside of our coat closet.
ya'll know i love chalkboard paint in closets, so why not another go around!
chalkboard paint inside closet door
since the first thing craig does when he comes home is hang up his coat, i figured this would be a highly visible area for him to see. 
chalkboard paint inside closet door
so before he decides to text me, fully aware that i rarely respond, he can check the closet to see where we are!
what are some tips you guys have to keep your spouse up to date on the day to day?

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