Wednesday, May 1, 2013

d.i.y: ribbon dancer

when i was a kid there were so many iconic toys
skip-it. furby. bop-it.
but the one that i remember the most is the ribbon dancer!
if i was going to run around the yard... i was going to do it with a ribbon dancer in hand.
so i decided to share my childhood joy with my kids by making them one of their own.

i used some leftover crafting ribbon and decided to use 4 different colors
i then used a lighter to singe the edges so the ribbon wouldn't fray
i drilled a hole through a dowel and fed the ribbons through the hole 
i double knotted the ribbons to finish it off!
it's not as frilly as the original
it lacks sparkles, glitter and the made-in-china look but i'm cool with that
my ribbon dancer is more like the hippy version- eco friendly, no asbestos and made from sustainable wood- kinda look 
diy ribbon dancer homemade kids toys
either way, the kids had a great time with it. 
they danced their little hearts out which is just what i was going for!

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