our family

This is my ever growing family... I went from being a single mom to a stay at home mom and a lot of things have happened in between.

Like meeting my husband Craig. We met online and the rest became history.
 Thank you Plenty of Fish... for introducing me to the many creepers of the Cleveland area but also to the love of my life. Mad props.
Craig is a devoted father and a wonderful provider. He loved my son, Kyler,  so much he actually adopted him shortly after we got married.
And as the song goes... "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage." Well here is our baby.

 Aspen is 1 years old now but he arrived shortly after the marriage part. 

And shortly after Aspen, I got pregnant with Esme'. I joke about having a hoarding problem.. with babies. This may lead to a future population crisis.

Esme' came into this world like a bat out of hell. She stormed out 20 minutes after arriving to the hospital and has made her presence known ever since!
Not everyday is blog worthy. It's messy and dysfunctional and some times overwhelming...
 but I have a lot to be thankful. Our family has so many personalities and it's what makes us... US... and I wouldn't want it any other way!