hello fellow consumers!
here are some quick links to some of the reviews i have done
Lunapads }
Ergo Baby Carrier in Organic Cotton }

Moby Wrap
{ in progress }

as i bring to you my candid opinion on products featured on my blog some things need to come to light.
the views of the author of this blog is not a reflection of those who comment or are affiliated with this site.
i am not compensated monetarily for the reviews that i write.
i do receive products to test out or to giveaway.
i activley seek out products that fit my interests or needs. 
some of the things i already own and some of the things i look for that would fit my lifestyle.
please keep in mind that as lives evolves so do our needs.
reviews are based on the time and the situation i was in when written.
thanks and happy reading!

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